Marks, Austin

Full Name: Austin Marks

Status: Human

Date of Birth: 1988

Originally from: Russell Avenue in Forks, WA (NM5)

Hair color: sandy (NM5)

Eye color:


Physical description:


Family members: mother, father, younger brother

Nick Names:

Hobbies: watching martial arts action movies, outdoors activities (EC6)

Personal history: Austin started to sit with Bella’s friends sometime during her “dark period” – she first described him as “older brother to the boy with the motorcycles” (NM6) but could not recall when he joined their lunch group. Austin caught the flu the same time as Angela and Conner (NM9). Austin was friends with several people, including Tyler Crowley (EC3) and Ben Cheney (EC6). Austin discussed the possibility of a Jacob-Edward battle with Tyler, Mike and Ben and placed money on Jacob being the victor. Austin was the only one of the four boys who did not immediately know that Jacob and Edward were arguing over Bella (EC3). Austin attended the Cullen graduation party with Tyler, Conner, Lee, Samantha and Lauren (EC17).