Jason “J” Jenks/Scott

Full Name: Jason “J” Jenks/Scott

Status: Human

Date of Birth: 1950′s

Originally from: Seattle

Hair color: Balding (BD33)

Eye color:

Height: “Short” (BD33)

Physical description: “He was short and balding, probably around fifty-five, with a paunch…. He was also trembling, blanched to a sickly paste color, with sweat beading on his forehead.” (BD33)

Special Talents:

Occupation: Lawyer and purveyor of illegal documents

Family members:

Personal history: J has worked with Jasper for more than twenty years and his old partner knew Jasper for fifteen years before that. (BD33) All he says about this relationship is that, “Over the years, you might imagine…I’ve developed a very healthy level of respect for Mr. Jasper and the entire family.” (BD33)

Bella uses J’s services to forge paperwork giving Jacob custody of Renesmee in the event that the Volturi attack the Cullen family. (BD33, 35)

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