Marshall, Katie

Full Name: Katie Marshall

Status: Human

Date of Birth: 1989

Originally from: Forks, lived around the corner from the Swans

Hair color: red (NM6)

Eye color:


Physical description:

Occupation: Student, employee of an outdoor sports equipment store

Family members:

Nick Names:


Personal history: Katie was a junior during Bella’s last year of high school. She joined Bella’s group of friends during Bella’s “dark times” and Bella had no recollection how long she was a part of the crowd (NM6). When Bella actually spoke to her friends without prompting, Katie was speechless with shock. Katie dated Eric Yorkie, who was a year older than she was (NM9). Katie began training as an employee of Newton Olympic Outfitters because Bella indicated to Mrs. Newton that she could not work the summer after graduation and Katie was to be Bella’s replacement (EC4). Katie attended the party of the year at the Cullens with her date, Eric, the class valedictorian (EC17).