Full Name: Max

Status: Human

Date of Birth:

Date of Change:

Originally from:

Hair color: “Crinkly black” (BD33)

Eye color:


Physical description: “Under his long ragged duster, he was a little too well dressed…. The sheen on his dark shirt looked like silk. His crinkly black hair was tangled and wild, but his dark skin was smooth and perfect, his teeth white and straight.” (BD33)

Special Talents:

Occupation: J’s lackey

Family members:

Personal history: Max works for J, sitting in front of an abandoned building downtown waiting for some of J’s less reputable clients to appear. Max sets up appointments for them with J. When Bella arrives per Alice’s instructions, Max is thrown off because Bella is nothing like the “usual.” After a minute, he calls J and, once J knows that a Cullen is waiting, Max directs Bella to the office of Jason Scott, Attorney at Law. (BD33)