Teachers at Forks High School

Below is a compilition of information about the various teachers at Forks High School. There isn’t enough information for each teacher to have a full bio.


Mr. Mason was a tall, balding man (TW1) who sat Bella at the back of the class. He made her flush twice; on her first day and when he commented on her late arrival to his English class (TW5). Bella wrote a paper for Mr. Mason on whether Shakespeare’s treatment of the female characters in Macbeth was misogynistic (TW7-TW10).

Mr. Greene had small eyes (EC3). He came to investigate the commotion in front of the school. Mr. Greene seemed to consider Jacob a troublemaker and Edward, with his good grades, less guilty of any infractions. Principal Greene handed out the diplomas during graduation (EC16) and mumbled the names quickly.

Coach Clapp supplied Bella with a gym uniform but didn’t force her to change into it on her first day (TW1). He was one of the teachers that shifted Tyler’s van after the accident so the paramedics could get in (TW3). Coach taught volleyball and badminton during Bella’s junior year of P.E. (TW11)

Mr. Varner was Bella’s Trigonometry teacher in her junior year (TW1) and her Calculus teacher in her senior year. He was the only teacher to insist she introduce herself in front of the class (TW1). Bella did not like Mr. Varner much. He called on her when her hand wasn’t raised (TW2), he gave her dark looks when she entered his class late (NM4) and he presumed that Bella’s improved grades in Calculus were a result of his “superior teaching” instead of truly because she spent ten times more time studying so she wouldn’t think about Edward (NM4). However, he was one of the teachers to help move Tyler’s van after the accident (TW3). Edward offered to bribe Mr. Varner to give Bella an A on her Calculus exam, but she declined (EC14). Mr. Varner helped Mrs. Cope organize the students into alphabetical lines for graduation and yelled at students (EC16).

Mr. Banner was Bella’s biology teacher in her junior year. Bella liked Mr. Banner immediately because he didn’t force her to address the class (TW1). Mr. Banner taught a lesson on the phases of mitosis for onion root tip cells and suspected that Edward had done all the work in the partnership. Mr. Banner asked if Bella was in an advanced placement science class back in Phoenix and commented that Bella and Edward were good lab partners (TW2). Mr. Banner also taught lessons on the Krebs Cycle (TW4) and on blood typing (TW5). He even showed science movies in class, but Bella could not remember the film’s content because of her close proximity in the dark to Edward (TW11).

Mr. Berty was Bella’s Grade 12 English teacher. They studied Romeo and Juliet (NM3) and Animal Farm (NM4). Mr. Berty recited poetry by Robert Frost and unlike other teachers, he did not comment or glare when Bella entered class late (EC3). Mr. Berty thought he caught Edward passing notes during class but Edward was able to transcribe the teacher’s lecture quickly enough to avoid being caught (EC3).

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