Full Name: Aro

Status: Vampire – Volturi

Date of Birth: 1000 BC (NM19)

Originally from: Volterra, Italy

Hair color: Black (NM21)

Eye color: Vampire burgundy but clouded and milky (NM21)


Physical description: Aro has very pale skin that is almost translucent. It’s similar to onion skin. His hair is very long and jet black. When he moves, it appears as if he is floating. (NM21)

Special Talents: Can read your history in your mind but needs to touch the person first.

Occupation: Aro keeps the histories for the Volturi. (PC10)

Family members: Leader of the Volturi along with Marcus and Caius.

Personal history: One of three vampires in Italy who live what Edward described as a very civilized and educated lifestyle. Carlisle found them while on his own search for the truth behind his nature. The Italian vampires tried to cure Carlisle of “his aversion to his natural food source,” but they failed. Their likeness was depicted in several painting by Solimena. (TW16)

He is one of the leaders of the Volturi and is exceptionally talented. His ability to read minds is much more complete as he can hear every thought you have ever had. But he needs to touch you in order to hear those thoughts. He can not hear from a distance. (NM21)

It is known that Aro slaughted an entire village when they tried to burn Jane and Alec at the stake for witchcraft. He wanted them to be older when they were changed. The villagers forced him to act sooner than he wanted to. (PC10)

Aro refused to help Edward kill himself when he first asked for help. Aro has always been interested in Edward’s talents and tried to recruit him to join the Volturi instead of committing suicide. He allowed for Edward to take Bella back to Fork with the promise that she would be changed soon. (NM21)

Aro acts like the spokesman for the rest of the Volturi.

Portrayed in the films by: Michael Sheen