Full Name: Caius

Status: Vampire – Volturi

Date of Birth: 1000 BC (NM19)

Originally from: Volterra, Italy

Hair color: White (NM21)

Eye color: Vampire burgundy


Physical description: Caius has very pale skin that is almost translucent. It’s similar to onion skin. His hair is shoulder length and as white as his skin. When he moves, it appears as if he is floating. (NM21)


Family members: Leader of the Volturi along with Marcus and Aro.

Personal history: One of three vampires in Italy who live what Edward described as a very civilized and educated lifestyle. Carlisle found them while on his own search for the truth behind his nature. The Italian vampires tried to cure Carlisle of “his aversion to his natural food source,” but they failed. Their likeness was depicted in several painting by Solimena. (TW16)

As one of the leaders of the Volturi, Caius was insistent that Bella not be allowed to leave Italy alive. When it was determined that Edward planned to change Bella, Caius was disappointed, but Aro assured him that they would try again to persuade them to join. (MN21)

Portrayed in the films by: Jamie Campbell Bower