Full Name: Didyme

Status: Vampire (Deceased)

Date of Birth:

Date of Change: Shortly after Aro was changed

Originally from: Italy

Hair color:

Eye color: Vampire Burgundy


Physical description:

Special Talents: Carries an aura of happiness with her which causes many people to fall in love with her. (SMW)

Occupation: Member of the Volturi

Family members: Her mate, Marcus, and the Volturi. Aro is her biological brother.

Personal history: Aro changed his sister into a vampire hoping she would have a power similar to his. Her power of happiness was interesting, but not what Aro had hopped for. Marcus fell in love with her, and she returned his affection. Together, they wanted to leave the Volturi and live as a separate couple. Wanting to keep Marcus’ gift within his coven, Aro killed Didyme. (SMW)